Client: HarperCollin – The Griff

Tactic: Facebook Page

Recognizing the importance of establishing a Social Media presence for the upcoming release of the graphic novel The Griff, HarperCollins hired Adhesive Marketing to craft a complete Social Media strategy.

Serving as an actionable plan to leverage the viral nature of Facebook and Twitter, the strategy includes a Social Media 101 guide to ensure the authors understand how to communicate, engage and grow their communities. A number of sweepstakes and promotions were also included to create a buzz and offer incentives for fans that “Like” the customized Facebook page. Awareness for the fan page was enhanced with a Facebook media buy targeting graphic novel and comic book enthusiasts within the demo.

The Griff enjoyed rapid growth amongst followers within the few months of its release and made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Tactic: Banner Advertising

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