Client: Shmirshky

Tactic: Branding, Video and Website

Adhesive Marketing implemented an online strategy to create awareness for the launch of Shmirshky, a smart, humorous and empowering book on coping with the horrors of menopause. The launch featured a grassroots digital word-of-mouth marketing campaign where we strategically collaborated with relevant niche sites, blogs and influencers, encouraging them to organically build awareness for Shmirshky within their pre-existing fan base.

To further extend our reach, an html email blast was deployed to a list of women within the Shmirshky demo who’ve opted to receive women’s lifestyle and health information. All of our combined efforts drove traffic to, an e-commerce website we developed where the book Shimrshky and related merchandise can be purchased. The site also serves as a forum for women to share their views and experiences with menopause.